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Bespoke and VUHL 05 at the London Motor Show 2016

London Motor Show 2016

The latest VUHL to come off the production line.

The latest VUHL to come off the production line.

This year, after an 8 year break, the London Motor Show returns to take place at Battersea Park. Bespoke will be there, this time representing VUHL and the 05, a unique lightweight road-legal track car.


As the intro to this post suggests, the VUHL 05 is designed for use on both road and track. It has a power-to-weight ratio of 410bhp/ton and ‘uncompromising build quality and rigorous attention to detail’ that sets it apart from its competitors.

If you haven’t already been to come and see the VUHL 05 at our showroom in Hertfordshire, then why not view it in the flesh from the 5th to 8th May 2016 at the Motor Show. For more details, get in contact with us now or visit the London Motor Show website to book tickets.


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