RX8 Specialist and Mazda Rotary Servicing

RX8 Servicing


While Bespoke Performance can work on any Mazda, our expertise lies with their famous rotary engines. Featuring in the likes of the Mazda RX7 and the popular RX8, the rotary engine is an iconic piece of engineering.

Not only can we service and maintain your RX7 or RX8 rotary rocket, we can also help you with upgrades and advice, in addition to some essential tools and maintenance items.

Our servicing is competitively priced and compared to an official Mazda dealer, we are very thorough. We’ll listen to your engine, we won’t just plug in an electronic diagnostic tool, and we won’t ignore your coil packs because they aren’t in the Mazda servicing schedule.

We check everything, and stay in touch with you throughout the process to make sure you only get what you want or need.

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