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TVR fires up Cosworth-tuned Ford V8

Ford Coyote V8 to power new TVR
Via Autocar – Revered British sports car brand, TVR, is roaring back to production with an incredible all-new Cosworth powered sports car, engineered in collaboration with F1 and road car design legend, Gordon Murray.

TVR fired up its new Cosworth V8 for the first time a few days ago – and discovered it had so much grunt that it overloaded the dyno. Company bosses Les Edgar and John Chasey were visiting Cosworth’s Northampton works to view and hear a prototype of their new car’s Le Mans engine and watch it do a simulated lap of the famous circuit, but barely a minute into the test its torque output so exceeded expectations that the test equipment had to be shut down and reconfigured.

A few minutes later the re-engineered, all-alloy Ford ‘Coyote’ V8 completed its test lap in 3min 40sec [...]

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